Advanced Assessment in Respiratory Nursing
Advanced Clinical Practice - Postgraduate Certificate
Advanced Healthcare Practice - MSc
Advanced Practice (Midwifery) - MSc
Advanced Practice (Midwifery) - Postgraduate Certificate
Advanced Practice (Midwifery) - Postgraduate Diploma
Advanced Practice (Nursing) - MSc
Advanced Practice (Nursing) - Postgraduate Certificate
Advanced Practice (Nursing) - Postgraduate Diploma
Agile Business Analysis - Graduate Diploma
Air Transportation Characteristics - AM6001
Aircraft Leasing - FI6043
Airworthiness- Professional Diploma
Applied Policing and Criminal Justice - BA
Applied Sports Coaching MSc
Artificial Intelligence - MSc (Online)
Artificial Intelligence in Finance - Graduate Diploma
Aviation Human Factors and Safety - Module ME5092
Aviation Leasing & Finance - Professional Diploma
Biomolecular Science - MSc (Online)
Business Administration Executive - MBA
Business Analytics Simulation - Module MI6303
Business Communications - Module CM6901
Climate Adaption and Sustainability - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Cognitive Robotics - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Communication and Interpreting om the Irish Healthcare System
Community Engagement - Professional Diploma
Computing for Secure Mobile Applications - Certificate
Corporate Airline Finances - FI6052
Creative Writing - MA
Cyberphysical Systems Engineering - Undergraduate Certificate
Cybersecurity Practitioner Apprenticeship - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Data Analytics - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Data Analytics and Software Development - Higher Diploma
Data Analytics with R - Module MA5021
Data Literacy for the 21st Century - SO4021
Design for Health and Wellbeing - MSc
Design for Medical Technologies - Professional Diploma
Design Research - Module PD6001
Designing Healthcare Products and Services (Professional Diploma)
DevOps and Continuous Software Engineering - Graduate Diploma
DevOps and Data Analytics - Higher Diploma
Digital Health Transformation, MSc
Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge Fheidhmeach
Education - School Leadership - Master of Education
Education - School Leadership - Postgraduate Diploma
Educational Leadership (International) - Master of Education
Engineering - Doctorate (DEng)
Engineering - Doctorate (Qualifier Module)
Engineering Practice - MSc
English MA
Environmental Science - Higher Diploma
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma
Equipment Systems Engineer MEng - Apprenticeship
Equipment Systems Engineering
Evening LLB
Family Law LA4081- Module
Functional Foods and Product Development - MSc
Functional Foods and Product Development Postgraduate Diploma
Gaeilge - MA
Gathering Data: Meta issues and contemporary practices - Module SO4122
Global Trade Compliance Level 6 - Certificate
Global Trade Compliance Level 7 - Certificate
Guidance Counselling & Lifespan Development MA
Health and Safety - Professional Diploma
Health Profession Leadership - Module NM8012
Health Professions Education - MSc
Health Promotion in Healthcare Practice
Health Research Methods and Methodology
Health Services Management - Diploma
Healthcare Practice - Professional Doctorate
Healthcare Product and Service Development (Professional Diploma)
History of Art & Design - Certificate
History of Family - MA
History of Family - MA (Online)
History of Family and Genealogical Methods - Certificate
History, Politics, Sociology, Literature and Law - Evening BA
Housing Law and Policy LA4056 - Module
Human Performance and Innovation - Professional Doctorate
Human Resource Management & the Future of Work - Bachelor of Arts - UL@Work
Human Resource Management and the Digital Workplace - Higher Certificate
Infection Prevention and Control in HealthCare
Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare - Module NS6302
Infection Prevention and Control Leadership - MSc
Information and Network Security - MEng
Innovation Management Strategy & Implementation for Community & Voluntary Organisations - Module
Innovation Management – Module AU4023
Innovation Management – Professional Diploma
Intelligent Systems - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Intercultural Care
Intermediary Studies - Professional Diploma
International Commercial Law LLM
International Digital Health Transformation - MSc
International Tourism MA
International Trade Law (Professional Diploma)
Introduction to Lean Skills - Module PT4901
Introduction to Natural Language Processing - MN5001
Introduction to Quality Management - Module AU3131
Introduction to Scientific Computing for AI - Module CE4021
Introduction to Supply Chain Management - Module PT3001
Journalism MA (incorporating MAJ, Sport)
Jurisprudence - Module LA4131
Law (General) LLM
Law and Technology
Law of Evidence - Module
Law, Human Rights in Criminal Justice LLM/MA
Law, Human Rights in Criminal Justice LLM/MA (Online)
Leadership in Health Professional Education - Module BM6013
Leadership in Health Professions Education
Leading and Managing Infection Prevention and Control
Lean Sigma Manager - Apprenticeship
Lean Thinking & Lean Tools - AU4043
Local History - Certificate
Local History MA
Machine Learning for Finance - MSc (Online)
Management & Leadership - Module MG2101
Management - Certificate
Management - Diploma
Management - Module MG3641
Management and Coordination of Gerontology Care
Management for Service Businesses - Certificate
Management of Change -Module MG3602
Management Practice - BA
Management Practice - Professional Diploma
Managing and Co-Ordinating Perioperative Nursing
Managing Innovation - Module AU5081
Marketing Communications in a Digital Age - Module MK5131
Marketing Management - Professional Diploma
Mathematics for Teaching (Level 8) - Professional Diploma
Maths for STEM - Certificate
Medical Software Quality Assurance - Module CS4261
Mobile Application Development -Module EE2011
Moderating for Online Environments - Module
Multilingual Software Development and Translation Technology - Graduate Diploma
Natural Language Processing
Nursing (Dementia Care) - MSc
Nursing (Nurse/Midwife Prescribing) - Certificate
Nursing (Older Person) - MSc
Nursing (Palliative Care) - MSc
Nursing (Perioperative Care) - MSc
Nursing (Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Care) - MSc
Nursing (Respiratory Care) - MSc
Nursing - MSc
OT Security - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Organisational Behaviour 1 - Module PM3081
Peace and Development Studies MA
Perinatal Mental Health - MSc
Philosophical Underpinnings of Gerontology Care
Posture, Seating and Wheelchair Mobility Across the Life Course -Postgraduate Certificate
Principal Engineer - Apprenticeship
Principles of Palliative Care in Practice
Principles of Primary and Community Care
Principles Underpinning Dementia Care
Principles Underpinning Perioperative Nursing
Problem Solving Tools and Techniques - Module AU4044
Project and Programme Management - MSc (Online)
Project Management - AU4084
Project Management - Professional Diploma (Online)
Promoting Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Psychology - Diploma
Psychosocial Interventions
Public Administration & Law (Online) - Graduate Certificate
Public Administration - Graduate Diploma/MA
Public Health - MSc
Public History & Cultural Heritage - MA
Public Procurement & Supply Chain Excellence (Certificate)
Public Procurement & Supply Chain Excellence - Diploma
Public Procurement Compliance and Support Systems - MN3042
Quality and Regulatory Affairs - BSc
Quality Engineering (Certificate)
Quality Management, Lean Systems - Professional Diploma
Quality Management, Six Sigma - Professional Diploma
Regulatory Affairs in (Bio)Pharmaceuticals - Professional Diploma
Robotics- Undergraduate Certificate
Safety Planning and Risk Management in Mental Health Care
Serious Crime Investigation - Graduate Certificate
Sociology (Youth, Community & Social Regeneration) MA
Sociology and Data Analytics - MSc
Sports Performance - MSc
Strategic Leadership - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Strategic Management - Module MG3652
Strategic Quality Management, Lean Sigma Systems - MSc
Supply Chain Associate Dip - Apprenticeship
Supply Chain Management & Customer Relationship Management - Module MG4917
Supply Chain Management - BSc
Supply Chain Management - Certificate (Production & Inventory Control)
Supply Chain Management - Professional Diploma (Online)
Supply Chain Manager - Apprenticeship
Supply Chain Operations - MSc (Online)
Supply Chain Specialist BSc - Apprenticeship
Supporting Perinatal Mental Health
Teaching, Learning & Scholarship, Graduate Diploma
Technical Communication & E-Learning - MA
Technical Writing - Graduate Certificate
Theoretical Underpinnings of Practice Based Inquiry
Theories of Psychosocial Assessment and Care
Therapeutic Engagement
Therapeutic Interventions in Dementia Care
Therapeutic Interventions in Palliative Care
Therapeutic Interventions in Respiratory Nursing
Tracheostomy Care
Transversal Competencies – Communication in a Digital Age - Professional Diploma - UL@Work
Translational Research
Workplace Transversal Skills (Certificate)