Why do a Postgrad at UL?

A postgraduate degree is one of the biggest advantages you can have as you start or build your career.

You learn new skills, improve your job prospects, and forge the first steps to the career you want.

Thousands of students are taking up postgraduate studies every year – but one big question remains. Is funding available and, if so, how do you go about getting it?

Before you start to tot up your finances, check your eligibility for financial help with paying for your postgrad.

  •  Are you eligible for a grant?
  • Is the course you want to do Springboard+ or HCI funded?
  • Can you apply for tax relief on your fees?
  • Is there a scholarship that could apply to you?

It is often said that undertaking any kind of postgraduate study is a way of saving – an investment made, ahead of time, in you and your career prospects.

Funding Options

While it is a worthwhile investment in your future, the financial cost of a postgraduate degree can be a roadblock for some students, with courses costing upwards of €5,000 a year. However, some options are available to prospective students:

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available on postgraduate tuition fees, up to €7,000 per person per course. 

Postgraduate courses

Tax relief is available for tuition fees paid for:

  • Approved postgraduate courses in private and publicly funded colleges in the State
  • Postgraduate courses in a university or publicly funded college in another EU member state or the UK, including such colleges that provide distance education in the State
  • Postgraduate courses in a university or publicly funded third-level college in non-EU countries.

Conditions for granting tax relief for postgraduate courses

  • Courses must be for at least one academic year but not more than 4 academic years in duration and must lead to a postgraduate award based on either a thesis or an examination.
  • The person taking the course must already have a primary degree or an equivalent qualification.

For more information on tax relief on postgraduate fees, visit Citizens Information website.