Why do a Postgrad at Kemmy Business School?

Do you dream of launching the next disruptive start-up, joining one of the big four accounting firms or becoming a brilliant entrepreneur?

Kemmy Business School (KBS) prepares graduates for careers in a wide range of business disciplines and professions including accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, work & organisational behaviour and human resource management.

In the vast world of business, finding your niche is crucial – and at KBS, we speak your UL (Unique Language) and help you stand out from the crowd and get a first-class business education.

Whatever your career goal, KBS has a range of specialist postgraduate degrees and unique facilities to suit. Our Masters of Taxation has a 100 percent employability rate, and we’ve got Ireland’s only purpose-built trading floor on-campus – so you can get the hands-on experience that will put you ahead of your peers.

Home to over 3,000 students, KBS has been focused on the student experience for 30 years – so whatever shape you want your future career to take, we give you the education to get you there.

Download your essential guide to a postgraduate in Kemmy Business School here - including expert advice, courses, and careers.

Find your course

Course Title Duration
Agile Business Analysis - Graduate Diploma 1 Year
Artificial Intelligence in Finance - Graduate Diploma 1 year
Aviation Leasing & Finance - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Business Administration Executive - MBA 2 Years
Business Analytics MSc 1 Year
Business Management MA 1 Year
Digital Futures and Innovation - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Economics & Policy Analysis, MSc 1 Year
Economics and Public Policy - Postgraduate Diploma 1 Year Full-Time/2 Years Part-time
Financial Services MSc 1 Year
Human Resource Management - MSc 1 Year Full-Time
Human Resource Management & the Future of Work - Bachelor of Arts - UL@Work 2 Years/Diploma exit after Year 1
International Entrepreneurship Management - Masters 1 Year
International Management and Global Business MSc 1 Year
International Tourism MA 1 Year Full-Time
Machine Learning for Finance - MSc (Online) 2 Years Part Time - Fully Online
Management Practice - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Marketing Management - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Marketing, Consumption and Society MSc 1 Year
Project and Programme Management - MSc (Online) 2 Years
Project Management - Professional Diploma (Online) 1 Year Online
Project Management MSc 1 Year
Risk Management and Insurance MSc 1 Year
Strategic Leadership - Professional Diploma - UL@Work 1 Year
Supply Chain Management - Professional Diploma (Online) 1 year
Supply Chain Operations - MSc (Online) 2 Years
Sustainable Work 1 Year
Taxation (Masters) 1 Year
Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour MSc 1 Year Full-Time