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The Human Capital Initiative (HCI Pillar 1) FREE to Eligible Applicants

What is it?

The Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 1 is a Government education fund aimed at reskilling and upskilling students to take up careers where skills are most needed in the Irish economy.

 Pillar 1 programmes are FREE for candidates who satisfy eligibility criteria.

Who is it for?

HCI Pillar 1 offers full-time conversion programmes to candidates (who hold a level 8 qualification or equivalent) to upskill for future job prosperity in areas such as; ICT, Engineering, Data Analytics and Technology. The fund is directed towards new graduates, those returning to education, professionals and unemployed candidates.

Graduates of these programmes can -

• Upskill or reskill in new sectors with attractive and secure job opportunities
• Increase earnings;
• Broaden  long-term career options;
• Take on a new and dynamic profession
• Be part of emerging technology sectors


Candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria under Springboard+ can qualify for 90% or 100% funding subject to the availability of places.

Employed and Recent Graduates

All employed candidates and recent graduates from 2020 or 2021 with a minimum level 8 in relevant area must pay a 10% contribution of the course cost directly to the provider for all level 7-9 courses.

Please note some formerly self-employed applicants not in receipt on DEASP payment are liable for 10% fees also.

Unemployed and Returner participants

Springboard+ will pay all fees for unemployed and returner participants

To clarify eligibility please go to

Please note that Fees are subject to review

Applications are now closed for 2021 



DevOps and Data Analytics (Higher Diploma)
Environmental Science (Higher Diploma)
DevOps and Continuous Software Engineering (Graduate Diploma)
Agile Business Analysis (Graduate Diploma)
Multilingual Software Development and Translation Technology (Graduate Diploma)
Artificial Intelligence in Finance (Graduate Diploma)
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