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Springboard+ 2020/21 Courses now confirmed for UL

Graduate & Professional Studies at UL are delighted to confirm we have received funding for 23 Springboard+ and HCI courses for 2020/21.

Applications for Autumn courses will open on 25th June, you must apply through the Springboard+ website as step 1 and you will then be sent a link to apply to the University of Limerick after this. Please allow a few days to receive the UL application link after your initial Springboard+ application. For a list of mandatory documents see details at the end of this page.

You can contact us on: Springboard@ul.ie if you have any queries. 


Funded Springboard+ courses for the academic year 2020/21 

Course Title Start Faculty  NFQ
Data Analytics and Software Development (Higher Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  8
Embedded Systems Engineering (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Spring S+E  9
Management Practice (BA) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  8
Information and Network Security (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn S+E  9
Lean Systems (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn/Spring S+E  9
Management (Certificate) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  6
Regulatory Affairs in (Bio)Pharmaceuticals (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Spring S+E  9
Six Sigma (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn/Sprin S+E  9
Software Development (Higher Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  8
Supply Chain Management (Certificate) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  7
Management Practice (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  9
Marketing Management (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  9
Supply Chain Management (Specialist Diploma) (Online) Spring S+E  9
Global Trade Compliance (Certificate) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  7
Management (Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  7
Supervisory and Human Resource Practice (Higher Certificate) (Blended Learning) Autumn KBS  6
Data Science for Finance (Graduate Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn KBS  9
Agile Business Analysis (Graduate Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn KBS  9
DevOps and Data Analytics (Higher Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  8
Environmental Science (Higher Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  8
Behaviour Based Health and Safety (Specialist Diploma) (Blended Learning) Autumn S+E  9
DevOps and Continuous Software Engineering (Graduate Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  9
Multilingual Software Development and Translation Technology (Graduate Diploma) (Full Time) Autumn S+E  9


If you have any queries on the 2020/21 Springboard+ programmes at the University of Limerick please contact us via email springboard@ul.ie

Springboard+ is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for employability, inclusion and learning 2014-2020.


Mandatory documents

  • Recent CV (this may be used when searching for a placement/project for you. By providing the CV you are consenting to your CV potentially being sent to external companies should you require help gaining a placement/project – this is not applicable to every course)
  • Recent picture (can be taken with a smartphone or can be a photograph of a photo or from an image gallery on your phone, please make sure it is recent) – This is a required document and is considered part of the essential documents when applying
  • Official qualification documents to include grade achieved (i.e. official transcript or graduation parchment) – if previous UL student we will find your records when you apply. If you can include your ID number in your application form, it is one of the questions asked.
  • Proof of employment status (e.g. Alternative P60 provided by company or ‘Employment Details Summary’ from revenue, if none of these available please provide a letter from your current employer on company letter head, DEASP proof for unemployed, sworn declaration for returner, revenue info for self-employed etc…) Notes on what documents are acceptable are on the Springboard+ website
  • Copy of Passport (this is required for all applicants, EU or Non-EU. It is required to verify legal name) – this does not count as a recent picture

For Non-EU applicants:

  • Copy of any Visa you hold, should be relevant to the Springboard+ eligibility rules (see website) – Stamp 4 Visa is the required visa for those who wish to avail of Springboard+ funding.
  • English language proficiency. This can be in the form of an English language test or if your qualification was taught in a country where English was an official language. More info here: https://www.ul.ie/gps/about/entry-requirements/english-language-requirem...
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To find out more information on the Springboard+ initiative please click here