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1 Year
NFQ Level 6
Faculty: Kemmy Business School
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: Yvonne Delaney
Address: Programme Director Email:

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Brief Description

It is widely acknowledged at both  National and Local levels that the Service Businesses sector (e.g. Retail) within Limerick has suffered and is continuing to suffer as a result of Covid-19.This new Certificate in Management  is in direct response to the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had  on the Service Businesses sector. Many people have lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic and in response to this, the Limerick Chamber of Commerce has awarded the Management Development Unit at the KBS funding to provide a suitable programme that will allow the participants to upskill and enable them to transition to new roles within the Service Businesses sector.

On successful completion of this programme, the graduate will be able to:

  • Identify and integrate the fundamental principles (core skills) of management in the context of the service businesses sector.
  • Demonstrate and develop skills that will enable them to successfully manage a variety of stakeholders including themselves, their team and the customer.
  • Utilise a range of management skills across a range of functions within their organisation.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation and provide evidence of reflective practice, self-awareness and personal development planning.

They will also learn how to monitor current and future trends within their business sector and be prepared to respond rapidly to changing external factors.


Spring Semester:                                                                             Autumn Semester:

MG2101: Management and Leadership                                 AC2914:  Accounting for Financial Decision Making

MG2131: Managing Communications                                     MG2121: Managing Projects and Resources

PM2021:  Selecting the Team                                                  MG2132:  Quality Management

PM2031:  Motivating the Team                                                 MG2213:  Customer Experience Development in Service Businesses

PM2042:  Reflective Learning Journal                                      MG2223:  Effective Business Planning

Participants should hold the Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification and have at least 2 years commercial experience. The level of commercial experience will be assessed as follows:

The participants will be required to supply a comprehensive CV. The Course Director will interview the participants if it is deemed necessary. 

The Course Director will correspond with the participant's Direct Manager / Supervisor in order to establish the commercial experience of the participant.

The University reserves the right to short-list and interview applicants as deemed necessary.

What to Include with your Application
Delays in receiving these documents will affect the progress of your application.

  • Photo or Scanned original copy of your transcripts for all years of study. (Graduates of UL need only provide us with their Student ID number.)
  • Photo or Scanned copy of passport to verify ID and full legal name.
  • A copy of your most recent CV.
  • Applicants who do not have English as their first language may satisfy English Language requirements:
  • If your qualifications have been obtained in a country where English is an official language this will suffice
  • If this is not available, the following additional documents must be provided:
    • English translation of your qualification(s)/transcripts
    • English language competency certificate

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€1995 to be funded by Limerick Chamber of Commerce.

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