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2 Years
NFQ Level 9 Major Award
Faculty: Science and Engineering
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: Philomena Kelly
Email: Telephone: +353 (0)61 237770
Name: Elaine.Butler
Email: Telephone: +353 (0)61 237798

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Brief Description

The ESE Academy (E-Cubers) has partnered with the University of Limerick (UL) to deliver Ireland’s first Equipment Systems Engineering apprenticeship at level 9 (MEng). 

This Apprenticeship programme provides experienced engineers with a comprehensive framework to manage the implementation of Industry 4.0 innovations in their employer’s equipment. This two-year MEng, in conjunction with vibrant Communities of Practice (CoP), provides an ideal framework for the apprentice to comprehensively and efficiently evaluate both disruptive and sustaining innovation solutions. After they have qualified as Equipment Systems Engineers (ESEs), learners will be able to remain engaged with the CoPs throughout their long and productive careers.

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This two-year programme is structured for blended delivery of online learning and face-to-face sessions, which minimizes time ‘off the job’.

How it Works

This two-year programme is structured for blended delivery of online learning and face to face sessions which minimizes time ‘off the job’. It includes:

  •  Introductory Bootcamp at the beginning of Year 1.
  • Disruptive innovation sprints delivered remotely.
  • Technology provider sprints delivered remotely.
  • Participation in an annual eExpo.
  • A dedicated Masters Thesis supervisor.
  •  Participation in a ‘Community of Practice’.
  •  Support from an Industry Mentor within the company throughout the apprenticeship.
  • Submit an Academic Thesis and undergo a Viva Voce.

For Professionals Who

  • Procure, design, manufacture, commission, support or optimise Industry 4.0 equipment for the high-tech manufacturing sector in Ireland. 
  • Have significant expertise of Industry 4.0 technologies as applied to manufacturing equipment.
  • Wish to collaborate with others to broaden their overall access to emerging research, technologies and best working practice to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.
  • Wish to improve their abilities to perform applied research in the high-tech manufacturing equipment domain.
  • Have a strong desire to be recognised as technical leaders in a topic relevant to Equipment Systems Engineering.
  • Have been selected by their employer to apply the knowledge gained during this course for the procurement or optimisation of manufacturing equipment in accordance with Industry 4.0.
  • Have a degree and/or considerable industrial experience in the field.

Year 1 

Semester 1

Boot Camp – on campus event

3 x Day introduction to the programme covering:
 1. Research Fundamentals
 2. Digital Innovation Transformation
 3. Digital Equipment Technologies


Disruptive Innovation Sprints  - delivered remotely.

Industry 4.0 TOPICS delivered fortnightly via flipped  classroom with a live Q&A with an expert  practitioner in the topic. 


Research Proposal Preparation 

Define the hypothesis, which will form the basis of your research and thesis.

Semester 2

Technology Provider Sprints – delivered remotely

Students are introduced to Provider Platform technologies.  


Equipment Systems Engineering Research Plan 

Students take part in a Thesis in Three to showcase their research to date to their colleagues for peer review.

Semester 3

Equipment Systems Engineering Project Review

Supervisor report for project progress 

Year 2 

Semester 1

eEXPO – on campus event 

After working on their Literature Review, the learner must outline their “Innovative Solution” to their peers


Equipment Systems Engineering Research 1

Write-up Masters Thesis for examination

Semester 2

Equipment Systems Engineering Research 2

Write-up Masters Thesis for examination  

Semester 3

Equipment Systems Engineering Research

Write-up Masters Thesis for examination

Alongside your topics you will be engaged in ongoing Communities of Practice (CoP). This an integral part of your programme and includes:

  • Peer Learning
  • Mentoring - recording your meetings with your in-company mentor
  • Forums
  •  Employers must be approved by UL & SOLAS and commit to support the apprentice throughout the programme.
  • Support from an industry mentor within the company throughout the apprenticeship.
  •  Apprentices should hold a NFQ level 8 at minimum level 2.2 in a relevant area. Applicants who have completed a level 8 apprenticeship in a related field are also eligible to apply.
  •  Applicants with a lower qualification may also be considered provided they can prove to have considerable industrial experience as well as evidence of the ability to study at Masters Level.
  • If your qualifications have been obtained in a country where English is an official language this will suffice
  • If this is not available, the following additional documents must be provided:
    • English translation of your qualification(s)/transcripts
    • English language competency certificate

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Company Registration Process:  No Charge

Online Student Application Fee: €50

Annual Student Contribution Fee:  €900

*It should be noted that these fees are subject to change depending on the programme of study and external funder’s requirements

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