Course Details

Course Code(s):
Course Start Date:
4 weeks
Online Learning
3 ECTS Credits at Level 9 on the NFQ
Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
Fees: For Information on Fees, see section below.


Name: Robert Dalton
Email: Telephone: 061-213428

Brief Description

Moderating for Online Environments provides those engaged in education and training the opportunity to both develop and consolidate new skills in creating, managing and promoting student engagement in learning online. Working within an authentic, supportive and interactive environment, participants will explore beliefs, practices and values for future application within a digital environment.

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For whom

  • The course is aimed at those working in education delivery, who wish to explore multiple aspects of digital education including the temporal, emotional, spatial and technological dimensions.
  • It is also suitable for those who wish to develop skills in creating, managing and promoting engagement in an online environment.
  • The module is worth 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System points) at Level 9.

How it works

  • The module will be delivered completely online.
  • Taught over 4 weeks.
  • A variety of established pedagogical approaches, appropriate both to the discipline and to the level of the award are employed in the delivery of the course.
  • The content is delivered via a cohesive model of paced interactions.

You will learn to

  • Reflect on, and analyse your experience as an online student
  • Identify what constitutes good and unacceptable behaviour online
  • Apply e-moderating skills to impact on learner motivation
  • Analyse and reflect on the process and outcome of online collaborative activity
  • Evaluate skills and competencies to moderate in an online environment
  • Plan for the application of e-moderating within your own teaching
  • Value the role that technology and online interaction play in teaching and learning

Appreciate the critical role the online moderator plays in facilitating learning


Experience online learning as a student and reflect on interactivity with peers and moderator competencies.


WEEK 2 PATTERNS OF ONLINE BEHAVIOUR AND MODERATOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Adopting the role of moderator during week 2, you explore a number of potential behavioural scenarios and the critical skills of weaving and summarising.



You will work on knowledge construction and skill development through group work.


This week involves you engaging in collaborative work, reflecting on the application of key learnings from the course to your individual context and the production of a Personal Development Plan.

Each candidate is considered on an individual basis whose academic qualifications, work

experience, motivation and overall potential for the programme are evaluated.

The fees for this course are €625 per participant, payable to the University of Limerick

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