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Course Start Date:
January 2024
1 Semester
University Certificate of Study
Faculty: Science and Engineering
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: Doctorate in Engineering - Qualifier Module.
Name: Apprenticeships Team
Email: Telephone: 061 202530

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Brief Description

This module aims to introduce students to the requirements of a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).  It is aimed at those who have an interest in starting doctoral level studies related to their professional practice.

During this module, students will prepare a Research Proposal Portfolio which they will submit and present to an Academic Board.  

To find out more about the Professional Doctorate in Engineering visit the programme page.


  • 12 week module beginning in January 

Download Qualifer module brochure. 

The module involves a reflective component exploring the following:

  • What is a doctorate?
  • How to develop a professional portfolio?
  • What is knowledge - academic and professional knowledge?
  • Philosophy of research. Professional development.
  • The Engineer as a Professional. Delivering a unique contribution to professional knowledge. 
  • Identification and assessment of on-going research within their profession; Engineering Ethics, Engineers in Society, Responsibility in Engineering.

Participants will be required to identify a problem that is significant to their industry or profession to propose an appropriate approach to solving this problem. This problem definition will form the basis of a submission to the Professional Doctorate in Engineering Academic Board.

  • Mid January - Qualifier Module Information day on campus 
  • End of Jan to Mid March
    • Various support contact points delivered online 
    • Library (how to use) session 
    • Academic Writing 
    • Q&A sessions with Course Director 
    • Q&A sessions with programme team.
  • Mid/End March - Research Proposal Submission 
  • End March/Early April - Research Proposal Presentation   

Entry requirements are established to ensure the learner can engage with the course material and assessments, at a level suitable to their needs, and the academic requirements of the module. By applying to this micro-credential, you are confirming that you have reviewed and understand any such requirements, and that you meet the eligibility criteria for admission.

Successful completion of this module does not automatically qualify you for entry into a further award. All programme applicants must meet the entry requirements listed if applying for a further award.



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