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Autumn 2024
University Certificate of Study
Faculty: School of Allied Health
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: Dr. Rosie Gowran
Email: Telephone: + 353-61-23320 Web: /ehs/school-allied-health

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This course qualifies for 80% funding under the HCI Micro-Credential Course Learner Subsidy. Check fees section for details and eligibility.   Please Note:   Applicants may only apply for and receive, one subsidised course per semester.   

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Sustainable Wheelchair Provision




Sept. 2024


This micro-credential represents a single module within a larger further award (eg. Certificate, Diploma, Masters). By taking this micro-credential you may be eligible to apply for a credit exemption should you progress to study for a further award. The programmes associated with this MicroCred are: 

The purpose of this MicroCred is to provide health and social care professionals and clinical engineers with a solid understanding of Wheelchair user health and wellbeing and the importance of providing appropriate sustainable wheelchair and seating provision systems to meet people’s primary needs, both now and in the future and through evidence-based practice know about the structures and processes which will support this.

On the successful completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Source and critically appraise wheelchair provision research literature, synthesising material and apply concepts to the workplace in line with wheelchair service user lifestyle requirements across the life course
  • Describe the development of sustainable wheelchair and seating provision processes from a human rights and security perspective.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of issues that underpin the application of sustainable wheelchair and seating provision concepts and processes within specific practice settings and contexts.
  • Present and defend sustainable and appropriate wheelchair and seating provision processes that are relevant to different groups of people, such as wheelchairs users, family members, carers and service providers.
  • Present evaluation tools to support sustainability strategy for change in wheelchair provision practice in response to evidence.
  • Integrate knowledge of sustainability indicators and outcome measurement appropriately for different wheelchair and seating provision practice settings and contexts.
  • Identify the multi-stakeholder perspectives to meet this primary human need, now and in the future.
  • Understand the complexity of providing people with appropriate wheelchairs considering policy, personnel, product and provision processes and health and social care system infrastructure and transitional care pathways.


There is no final exam for this module. You will be assessed through 1-2 continuous skill-based assignments, provided by your lecturer and tutor.

The module is open to Health and Social Care Practitioners/ Clinical Engineers with a professionally and academically accredited BSc Hons 2.2 minimum level 8 (or equivalent) in a health and social care profession, or in engineering; with relevant experience and interest in the area.

RPL considered where applicant has relevant experience, history of continual professional development. Please provide a detailed CV and personal statement.

Successful completion of this module does not automatically qualify you for entry into a further award. All programme applicants must meet the entry requirements listed if applying for a further award.


HCI Micro-Credential Course Learner Subsidy - Candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria can qualify for 80% funding subject to the availability of places. To clarify eligibility please go to Eligibility Criteria 

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