Welcoming and Supporting New Staff to the University of Limerick

To support new Staff joining the University of Limerick Departments/Schools/Divisions may have individuals assigned to the role of the Induction Coordinator.

Role of Induction Coordinator

The primary role of the induction co-ordinator is to be a point of contact for the new appointee. The Induction Coordinator Guidelines will assist the induction co-ordinator in their role. These guidelines can be customised to each Departments/Schools/Division own needs.

You should contact the new employee prior to their start date to arrange a meeting with them on their first day. The new staff member’s line manager should be involved in this process from the start.

New Employee Checklist for Line Manager / Employee

Key items for the line manager for discussion together with the new staff member upon joining the University of Limerick are:

Your role as a manager should be to make the transition as smooth as possible. If managers have any questions contact compandbens@ul.ie

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