The primary role of the induction co-ordinator is to be a point of contact for the new appointee. The guidelines below will assist the induction co-ordinator in their role. These guidelines can be customised to each Departments/Division own needs.

You should contact the new employee prior to their start date to arrange a meeting with them on their first day. The new staff members line manager should be involved in this process from the start. Staff checklist, PDR's & Probabtion are matters for the line manager and the new staff member to discuss together. 

Before the new appointee starts you should organise

  • Office /Desk space
  • Contact HR for ID number
  • Set up network access and email address from ITD
  • Telephone and add to campus directory 
  • Building or office key (s)
  • Meetings with relevant colleague’s
  • Welcome Event i.e. morning tea/coffee or lunch, etc.
  • Consult with Health & Safety regarding training needs for new appointees (if required)
  • Ensure all reasonable accommodation/assistive technologies are provided for an employee with a disability, liaise with HOD/Line manager
  • Contact the HR Safety Officer re arrangements for emergency evacuation that needs to be put in place for a new appointee with a mobility disability

On the Day of Arrival you should - 

  • Meet and greet the new appointee (if not available, ensure a colleague is there)
  • Introduce the new employee to colleagues  
  • Escort them to the main HR office to ensure they are placed on Payroll and receive ID card
  • Arrange parking permit as necessary 
  • If access to buildings is needed have card activated by door manager
  • Provide tour of the work area / Campus
  • Check if new appointee has received and read the New Staff Checklist & First 6 months Checklist

You should also ensure you -  


  • Office /Desk space
  • Facilites (Restaurant, toilets, printers, photocopier etc.) 
  • Use of phone and voicemail 
  • Key Buildings on campus 
  • Building’s Emergency exits 
  • First aid facilities in building 


  • Schedule for the 1st week
  • Health & Safety statement for work area
  • General security advice (locking of office, personal security)


  • Administrative Processes: i.e. ordering stationary, booking rooms, mail collection, leave
  • Meetings i.e. frequency and structure of the departments meetings 
  • Relevant committees and distribution lists (once email account set up)  
  • Probation Policy 
  • PDR Process
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