University of Limerick Building Emergency Plans apply to all occupants of buildings and are divided into two sections;

Section 1 sets out policy and detailed duties and responsibilities.

Section 2 is the functional part of the document to be used in the event of an emergency. It sets out actions to be taken and by whom.

Building Emergency Plans take account of existing Departmental Codes of Practice/Local Safety Statements and also satisfy the requirements of the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 with respect to emergency plans. They are a key component of departmental safety arrangements and University Crisis Management and must be coordinated with these other plans. 
University of Limerick Buildings Emergency Plans are avaialble from the Health & Safety office.



Main Building-Stairwell in Tower 4 (Bianconi) & Stairwell in Tower 9 (Merriman)

Foundation Building Stairwell in Tower adjacent to the carpark

Schuman Building-Stairwell adjacent to the lift

Library & Information Services BuildingStairwell adjacent to the lift & Disability Support Services

Computer Science Building-Stairwell adjacent to the computer labs

School of Allied Heath-Protected stairwell Level 2

Schrödinger Building-Stairwell adjacent to the lift

 Kemmy Business School-Stairwell adjacent to the road

Languages Building-Stairwell Adjacent to the lift Level 2

MSSI building - 2nd floor, middle stairwell leading to Lonsdale tunnel entrance

Analog Devices building - 3rd floor, west end stairwell – opposite lecture theatre


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