Retired Members of Staff - Keeping in touch

Cyber security is an ever-increasing risk for institutions such as UL with a significant threat posed by a variety of sophisticated ‘hackers’. On the basis of serious audit and risk issues identified, access to the email address and relevant systems will no longer continue after Retirement.

We want to ensure that retired members of staff continue to receive University updates of interest, to maintain important and meaningful links with the wider University of Limerick community.  Indeed, as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the University of Limerick over the last year, we were keen to remain in contact, appreciating the valuable contributions many of our retired members of staff continue to make to the institution. 

To this end, UL Connect is a communications and information management platform that replaces email as the primary method of communication for most of our campus community messages and updates.  Events, job advertisements, opinions, items for sale, bereavement notices, and so on are now all published via this platform and we want our retired members of staff, who are valued members of our community, to receive and interact with these notifications.

If you have not done so already and wish to access UL Connect, please advise us of your preferred new email address by completing and returning the attached Communications Consent Form. Doing so gives UL permission to contact you and allows us to set you up on the UL Connect platform.

Please note: External users (any emails that are not current UL staff addresses) should use the following link to log in to UL Connect. If you have forgotten your password please click the "Forgot Password?" button. Here, you will be prompted to input the email address associated with your UL Connect account. If the email address inputted matches up with an active external users account you will be sent password reset instructions to your inbox and can follow the steps from the email to reset.

Retired members of staff will no longer have access to their email following retirement.

Information on how to set up an alternative email account not hosted by UL is provided in the FAQ below. 

If there is an exceptional business need to retain your email address, please apply through the online application process.

If you need assistance with your application, please refer to the support training videos.

If your account has already expired then you need to complete this application form

How to apply for UL email renewal:

Please use the online application process.

Fill out the requested information in the online application form. When you click on the save button, the form will automatically issue to the selected Head of Department, and then to your selected Member of Executive Manager for approval.

You will receive an acknowledgement email following your application submission. A separate email will issue once your application has been assessed.

An instructional video on the application process is available.

Any queries in relation to the above should be answered in our FAQ.

If you require temporary access (14 days) to your UL email account to retrieve specific personal information, please complete and return this form

We hope this information is of assistance and look forward to keeping in touch.

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