The Human Resources Division continuously offers a range of Leadership Development Programmes including

  • Executive Team Leadership Development;
  • Academic and Research specific Leadership Development;
  • Management Essentials and the Aspiring Manager Programme

Please note that participation in some leadership programmes is by nomination by your Dean or Head of Division and full attendance is required.

The Aspiring Manager Programme is designed for colleagues who are considering career progression into a management role. The workshops offer a comprehensive insight into the role of a manager, responsibilities, and essential skills required to be an effective manager. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from individuals who have transitioned into management roles themselves. The programme provides a framework to develop core management skills and behaviours to set aspiring managers up for success in future management roles.

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Management Essentials has been designed to support you on your journey as a people manager; helping you develop a complete set of management skills and capabilities. Managers in the University of Limerick need to be able to manage on-going changes successfully and with confidence. With core, elective and mandatory elements leading to a digital badge, this programme ensures that you will develop a comprehensive management toolkit, enabling your success as a Manager in the University of Limerick. Through group discussions, team exercises and personal reflections you will identify actions to ensure what you learn is applied in the workplace.

Facilitated by skilled professionals with an in-depth knowledge and experience of what it takes for front line managers to succeed in the workplace, this programme will provoke thought and action with immediate results.  The objectives of this programme include:

  • Understand the role of management within the university and how a manager can add greatest value.

  • Learn about proven management tools and practices and how best to apply them to your department or function.

  • Develop personal understanding and self-awareness regarding what motivates you and how you relate to your team.

  • Identify and develop new behaviours to improve performance and contribution in your team.

  • Identify effective communication approaches when providing constructive feedback and use your skills to maintain and enhance employee motivation.

  • Understand how to manage difficult work conversations and situations.

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Hear what some of the past participants have to say about the Management Essentials programme.

           Listen to Roisin Conway, February 2021

I thought the Introduction to Management programme was fantastic. It covered many different aspects of management and each aspect was studied and discussed in great detail throughout the course. Everyone attending the course could draw from their own experiences which made it so relevant and applicable in the workplace. It really helped grow my confidence as a manager when I could see where my strengths lay but also highlighted where there was room for improvement. Frances and the team had great knowledge on the course content, made the course really engaging and navigated new online teaching styles brilliantly.

Laura Kerin, September 2021

The Management Essentials training course covered a wide range of management modules, with a particular focus on People Management and Teams in the University.  The various trainers were very engaging and very good at getting the best out of everyone, as peer learning was a key element of this training course.  I really found the training course a very valuable experience as I develop my management career in UL.

           Nicola Kelly, February 2021 

I joined this course to understand UL management practices as well as to brush up on introductory management tools. The course was very well designed, encouraged dialogue between participants and had a practical implementation focus which I really appreciated.

           Rabiya Ali , November 2020 

The Introduction to Management was an excellent start to a management journey. The virtual presentation worked well and gave me time to absorb the learnings and apply them between each session. It provided useful insights, not only into my own approach to work, but assisting in understanding how others work and how I might be able to adapt my management style to maximise the return from our team. This introduction has laid the foundation for further learning in this space.

           Mary Ferry, November 2020 


The University of Limerick is focused on talent as an organisational priority. We seek to attract and retain talented individuals to create our future leaders. UL is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.  

UL’s current leadership programme seeks to support and further develop current and future leaders within the organisation thereby strengthening organisational culture and supporting our strategic mission. Programme participants will be supported in stepping up to leadership roles and enhancing current leadership contributions, providing them with the platform to flourish.  

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 The aim of the programme is to support New HoDs and Assistant Deans as you commence this new role, providing you with the knowledge,  understanding and skills you will need as you get started.​

The programme will help to set the context for your role, with discussions of University priorities and how HODs and Asst Deans can help to build the culture and environment for colleagues to thrive.​

The programme will also outline the levers for success in the University.  It will provide an introduction to what you need to know, where to find out more, and who can help.  ​

The leadership elements of the programme, provided by Advance HE, will be a starting point to your development as an effective and inclusive leader at UL.

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The Aspiring Reseach Leaders Programme has been designed to help Researchers develop the competencies to further their research career and become a future research leader.

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The Accelerate programme is a joint initiative of HR Talent Development and the Research Office in conjunction with other colleagues across the University. The aim is to support early-stage Principal Investigators in their development as leaders and managers of research projects and teams.

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