The following eLearning Programmes are available to all staff of the University of Limerick.

The Programme consists of 4 separate modules, each of 30-45 minutes duration, which can be completed either as an entire programme, or as a series of modules allowing participants to build up their knowledge over time.

Module 1 an introductory module, gives you a comprehensive overview of the importance and benefits of EDI and Human Rights, and the legal landscape in which Higher Education Institutions operate. 

Module 2 covers Recruitment and Selection, and is a very informative tool for any staff member involved in the selection process.

Module 3 looks at meeting the needs of diverse students and best practice tips on fostering equality in teaching and learning settings. 

Module 4 which looks at putting policy into practice.

Access the EDI in HE Programme

Data Protection training is hosted on SULIS.  If you are new to UL, this module will be added in due course.

Joining instructions can be accessed here.

Interviewer Skills training is hosted on SULIS.  If you are new to UL, you will need to be granted access to this training. If you do not have access please email 

To access this programme, please click here:  Professional Skills for Research Leaders.  Please use your usual UL username and password to log in.  This includes:

  • Developing and Consolidating your Research Career

  • Funding your Research

  • Managing a Research Team

  • Research Collaboration

  • Communicating your Research

If you experience technical difficulty, please email  

The library is pleased to announce that SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is now available to the UL community. SRM is a platform designed to support the teaching and learning of research methodology at all levels and is used in more than 300 institutions worldwide.

SAGE Research methods has a wide array of tools and materials to support your teaching, by providing practical skills videos, interactive tools such as methods lists and the methods map in addition to hundreds of cases that you can work through with your students:

Sage Research Methods can guide your students through every step of the research process, from formulating a research question to writing up the findings.

The library will organise training to demonstrate how to incorporate the resource in to your teaching and workflows but you can get started yourself with this SAGE Research Methods demonstration video showing the core functionality of the platform, including running searches, refining your results according to your needs, and using one of our most popular research tools - the Methods Map.

We invite you to explore the elements of the platform that UL has access to:

These new resources are listed on the A-Z of databases on the library website, here is the link

Please contact the library if you have any queries relating to using SRM.

To access this programme, please click here:  The Research Skills Masters Programme.  Please use your usual UL username and password to log in.  

For further information, please read this document: Further Information on The Research Skills Masters Programme

If you experience technical difficulty, please email

You can access the Unconscious Bias online training by following

  1. Once you follow the above link, you must first register by following the “register by clicking here” link. You will be required to confirm your full email address and specify a password to complete registration.  (Please note, you do not require a UL email address to register)
  2. Please complete your profile by entering your first and last name.
  3. You are then lead you to your dashboard, where you can follow the “browse the catalogue” link to enrol in the Unconscious Bias online training. Please click on “Enrol in Course” and confirm that you wish to enrol.
  4. Once enrolled you can launch the online training by following the “Launch”  link in the Enrolled Courses section.
  5. The online training will launch automatically. You can navigate the pages using the navigation arrows on the bottom right of the page.
  6. Once you have completed the online training you may exit the course by closing your browser.

The duration of the module is approximately 30 minutes.

To access this programme, please click here:  University Leadership and Management Programme.  Please use your usual UL username and password to log in.  

For further information, please read this document:  Further Information on the University Leadership and Management Programme

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