5th November 2021

The online training programme Let’s Talk About Race in the Higher Education Sector is now available. Click here to sign in and complete this course.

This course for staff and students is a key initiative in building the intercultural understanding and competence required to achieve systemic change. 

Listen here to some of the voices involved in the training programme.

This specifically commissioned module will complement the existing race awareness and education activities that we are undertaking here in UL, including the formation of our new Ethnic Diversity Forum (EDF). Dr Yoga Nathan (Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine) and Mamobo Ogoru (PhD student) will chair and co-chair the Forum. The EDF is a sub-group of the Human Rights – EDI Steering Committee and will lead UL’s ongoing efforts to advance inclusion on campus. 

We encourage you all to please undertake the Let’s Talk About Race in the Higher Education Sector programme.