The launch of the first annual Speak Out National Report took place on Wednesday 13th of December 2023.  

Speak Out, the anonymous online reporting tool, was developed by the Psychological Counsellors in Higher Education Ireland (PCHEI) and launched in October 2021 in an aim to collect data to assist colleges in their implementation of educational and policy initiatives, and to signpost individuals to the support services available to them should they wish to seek help.

This report highlights the lived experience of 682 individuals, (209 staff, 407 students & 56 other) across the higher education system who courageously spoke out about their experiences of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate crime, coercive behaviour/control, stalking, assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

If you or anyone you know is affected by any of the behaviours listed above, we encourage you to come forward  and Speak Out.

We See You, We Believe You, We will Support You!