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In support of ensuring an inclusive culture where every student and staff member can thrive, we are currently in the process of setting up an Ethnic Diversity Forum consultative forum.

The aim of this forum is to better understand our campus culture in relation to race and minority groups and to develop an Action Plan and related policies that will ensure that UL develops a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, and equity where difference is valued. 

The draft Terms of Reference for this group which will be formalised when the group is formed, include:

  1. To publicly commit to tackling racial harassment, inequality and discrimination as a priority issue to foster a campus-wide culture in which all members of the University community are able to participate and fulfil their potential regardless of ethnicity or race.
  2. To review current policies and procedures and develop new policies and institution-wide strategies for tackling racial and minority group harassment, inequality and discrimination.
  3. To develop and introduce reporting systems for incidents of racial and minority harassment and engage with/support students and staff with lived experience of racial discrimination and harassment.
  4. To collect data through annual consultation with staff and students and share regularly with senior management and governing bodies. 


The Ethnic Diversity Group Forum will lead UL’s ongoing efforts to advance inclusion on campus by providing governance and oversight on diversity efforts and supporting strategic accountability and consistent leadership for equality, diversity and inclusion across UL.

The initial meeting will focus on understanding the purpose of the consultative forum, defining the ways of working and recognising the responsibilities of members.

Forum members will also get to know each other and engage in candid conversations in an atmosphere of trust, respect and inclusion. Subsequent meeting dates and frequency will be agreed by forum members.

The Meeting will be facilitated by Adaku Ezeudo.  Adaku’s brief bio is set out below:

Adaku Ezeudo – Lead DEI Consultant & Trainer Adaku is an award-winning expert in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. She is a facilitator, educator and sought-after speaker who is on a mission to equip companies and organisations with the skills and know-how to empower multicultural teams to perform at their best. Her work at PhoenixRize, her DEI consultancy, helps organisations to develop and implement anti[1]discriminatory and inclusive policies, fulfilling their statutory equality and diversity requirements, while shaping diversity into a strategic advantage.

The meeting will take place on Zoom
Time: Jun 29, 2021 11:30 AM Dublin

The Structure of the Forum

The Ethnic Diversity Forum is led by the Forum Steering Committee.  The ED Steering Committee will oversee the working of the Ethnic Diversity Forum and will report on a quarterly basis through the Chair/Deptuy Chair to the Human Rights Equality, Diversity & Inclusions Committee, a sub-committee of the Executive Committee.

The membership of the forum consists of:


The Ethnic Diversity Steering Committee will be co-chaired by

Dr. Yoga Nathan Chair; Mamobo Ogoro (Deputy Chair)


  • Dr. Anca Minescu
  • Prof. Helen Phelan
  • Dr. George Barreto
  • Dr. Mariano Paz
  • Dr. Maria Rieder
  • Mamobo Ogoro
  • Dr James Carr
  • Dr Yoga Nathan
  • Dr Sindy Joyce
  • Rabiya Ali
  • Chelsea Joyce
  • Dr Marie Connolly (Facilitator)