Physical activity

Discover our gorgeous campus with many pathways for enjoyable walks or runs. From the spacious UL Sport Arena featuring a gym and indoor courts to outdoor tracks and fields, students have plenty of opportunities to take part in sports and activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Rent a bike scheme

Mental health and well-being

University is a time of great personal change and transformation as you navigate living independently and balance time between academic, social, work, and family responsibilities.

Mental health literacy is a valuable resource that you can draw upon to help you make this transition easier.

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Substance use and gambling

Excessive drinking and drugging is really dangerous. There are always risks when taking drugs. 

If you're worried you might have been spiked, tell someone you trust or a member of staff at the venue you're at immediately. Call 112.

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Healthy environment

  • Our roof garden is available to all students
  • A Farmer's Market takes place every Tuesday in Student's Courtyard, 12-5pm
  • Beekeeping courses run throughout the year
  • Annual Riverbank Cleanup
  • @ULEnviroCom

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Healthy eating

A healthy diet is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight as well as encouraging positive lifestyles generally.

For anyone looking for more information about how to adopt healthier eating, Healthy UL offers plenty of resources.

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Sexual health and well-being

During the transition from second-level school to university, students develop many new relationships, some platonic and some sexual in nature.

Students also experiment more with their sexuality in the newly found independent living space in which they find themselves. This can present many challenges in terms of making good choices in relation to their sexual health and well-being.

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