Are you looking for ways to contribute to saving the planet?

UL has published its first Sustainability Report. The report can be viewed and downloaded online, and you can see which SDG you could focus on. 

Health and the environment are inextricably linked and approaches to improve both are deeply complementary.

At the most basic level, clean air and water are fundamental components that enable healthy lives. Time spent in rich natural environments has proven benefits for mental health and well-being.

Walking and cycling are great exercises, reduce our carbon footprints and support good air quality. 

It can be viewed as a symbiotic relationship where a clean environment supports healthier lifestyles and healthy behaviour leads to environmental benefits.


The aim for this element of the Healthy UL Framework is for UL to show leadership to our students, staff and wider community on environmental issues that support healthy behaviours and lifestyles. 

The action areas that will be addressed under Healthy UL will include high-level objectives such as advocating for a dedicated bus rapid transport corridor and cycle lane between the campus and the city centre, and developing a plan to transition campus vehicles to electric, where possible, as they are replaced.

Other actions will focus on reducing pollution and waste, reducing energy consumption, reviewing the cleaning products and pesticides used on campus, and supporting and contributing to the development of a landscape development and management plan to protect and enhance biodiversity on campus.

The Healthy Environment Sub Group will work in tandem with the University’s long-standing Environment Committee to achieve its aim. 

University of Limerick is also a member of the Green Campus initiative