Excessive Drinking and Drugging is really dangerous. There are always risks when taking drugs. Please follow harm reduction messages to reduce your risk of harm. Check out the advice from the HSE

You can never be fully sure of the contents of drugs. Sometimes the person selling might not know all of the contents themselves. There is no way to know just by looking at it. Drugs could look the same and contain different contents. Drugs from the same batch can also vary. Don’t assume you know the content based on what you are sold.

Don’t be afraid to get help. If you or a friend become unwell of feel suicidal after taking drugs you should get help immediately. Call 112 or text 50808


Call 112 or text 50808

Resources for getting help 

The Addictive Behaviours Sub Group (ABSG) of Health Campus UL is a collection of staff and student representatives who are concerned about how substance misuse and addictive behaviours such as gambling may impact our UL community. We are committed to implementing the Healthy UL Framework in an inclusive and accessible way to ensure UL develops and implements supports and protocols that reduce the stigma of addiction and are evidence based.

An interview with Joe Slattery:

Seeking help for you or a family member with addictive behaviours

As part of Healthy UL and First7Weeks we were delighted to welcome the national media celebrity and addictive behaviours expert Joe Slattery to UL.

Joe Slattery is an addiction counsellor specialising in adolescent substance misuse.  He coordinates the NorthStar Family Support Project, working with families in the Limerick region who are affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol misuse.  

He is a TEDx speaker and has appeared on TV and Radio in such shows as the Tommy Tiernan Show, the Marian Finucane show, sharing his professional expertise as well as his own personal experience of growing up in a socially deprived area of Ireland. 

Full access to the interview can be found below 

Harm reduction and Managing a Crisis