UL is committed to promoting a culture in which incidents of sexual harassment and/or sexual violence will not be accepted and will not be tolerated. All incidents will be acknowledged and thoroughly investigated mindful of the survivor’s wishes and our duty of care to the campus community ensuring that UL provides a safe, positive, and respectful work, study, extracurricular and social environment space where students and staff thrive, flourish, and develop to their full potential.

The Student Designated Contact Persons Panel (SDCPP) has been established to support students who may have experienced or are currently experiencing incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence. They will act as a sounding board providing a complainant with information in relation to supports and reporting options should they wish to avail of them.

Members of the SDCPP are staff volunteers who know and understand the institution’s environment and are familiar with the institution’s sexual harassment and sexual violence policies and procedures and have been trained to act as a First Point of Contact.

Philip Desmond
Role: Science & Engineering-Student Support Officer
Contact: philip.desmond@ul.ie 

Róisín Monaghan
Role: Science & Engineering-Special Projects Officer
Contact: roisin.monaghan@ul.ie

Tracey Keogh
Role: Associate Teacher in Psychology
Contact: tracey.keogh@ul.ie 

Dr Sylvia Murphy Tighe
Role: Dept. of Nursing & Midwifery - Lecturer in Midwifery
Contact: sylvia.murphy@ul.ie

Dr Ronni Greenwood
Role: Dept. of Psychology - Lecturer in Psychology
Contact: ronni.greenwood@ul.ie