Mandatory Training 

While at UL, there are several courses that should be completed upon starting, or during your employment.

Upon starting, it is recommended that you read and understand the Polices and Procedures under which the University of Limerick is governed. A comprehensive list of these can be found in your First Six Months Checklist or by visiting the UL Policy Hub | UL - University of Limerick

Make sure to complete IT Security Training, GDPR eLearning and attend Dignity & Respect training within your first 6 months.

If required to sit on Interview Panels, you will need to complete the Interviewer Skills eLearning course and the Unconcious Bias Online Training, and if Chairing an Interview Panel, you will also need to complete this training. To find the next available session, check the upcoming training calendar here.

For any bookings or enquiries, please contact 


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