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UL-Restart Group on trip to Burren, 17th May 2019

Our 2019 annual and well supported UL-Restart walk on 17th May at Ballyryan, Fanore, was organised by Nuala Reddan and guided by Tony Kirby. This two-hour walk, broken with stops to focus on plants and geological structures unique to this magnificent area, was undertaken under pleasant sunshine and gentle westerly sea breezes. During a most pleasant coffee/tea break on the limestone pavement, our guide brought us through an overview of the geological, agrarian and ancient social history of the area, integrating this with current efforts by the farming communities to promote environmental sustainability and biodiversity.    

The area offered a stunning juxtaposition of pavement and ocean, eclectic mix of dry-stone walls, prehistoric monuments, and stunning coastal scenery. The area is one of the most outstanding botanical locations in the Burren offering a rich kaleidoscope of flowers in bloom.