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Registration/Login Information


You must register for Core Portal the first time that you use it. You may then login using your Network Username and password.

To Register for Core Portal please click on the following link - Core Portal Registration

In order to register for Core Portal you must have a current contract with the University and a valid UL network account. If you are a new employee please refer to the New Employees section of the ITD website.

To access the Employee Self-Service site please click on the following link: Employee Self-Service.


Login Information

If your password has been entered incorrectly 3 times in succession then it will be locked. In this case a call should be logged to the ITD service desk through the ITD website ITD Service desk  to have it unlocked.

For further information on how to solve registration & login difficulties please see the following document;

- Registration/Login FAQ

 If your query has not been answered in the above documents please contact the ITD Service Desk or contact