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Early Career Supports - Academic and Research

The University is committed to ensuring that all colleagues in all roles across the University are enabled to achieve their full potential through progressive development practices and supports. A comprehensive set of supports are in place for Early Career Academics and Researchers. 

We recognise that this is a key time in your career and encourage you to avail of the supports on offer.  Your success is the University’s success as we work together to help you develop the skills to enhance the research profile of the university, the experience of the University students, and the future leadership of the University.

Early-Career Supports are designed to help you transition from being a leading academic to an academic leader. Click on the Key areas below to find out more about the supports available to you.

If your career focus is Research, take a look at the Researcher Development Programme.

These are some of the programmes available through HR to support your Career Development.

Career Development Workshop

Panel Discussions

Writing an Effective CV 

Supporting Women in Academia

Academic Masterclass Series

Mentoring Supports


For more information on Teaching Supports, please visit the Centre for Transformative Learning.

For more information on Reseracher Development Supports, please visit the Researcher Development Programme Site.

These are some of the programmes available through HR to support Academic Leadership and Service.

Communication skills 

Presentation Skills 

Networking and Collaborating in Academia

Engaging with Industry

Cross-cultural Communication


Academic leadership

Influencing Skills

PhD Supervision

Principles of Project Management

Effective PDR conversations


Supports for LBBs

Supports for LBBs ensure that those on Lecturer Below the Bar contracts are clear on the excellence expected of them, and ensure that they are provided with support they need to progress to the next stage in their careers.

Below is the timetable for LBB Support events. These are run on the same scheduled annually. Actual dates will be available closer to the time.


Event Date
Call for  Annual Voluntary Interim Development Review November 2021
Closing Date for portfolio submission for  Annual Voluntary Interim Development Review December 2021
Annual Voluntary Interim Development Review January 2022
Career Development Workshop February 2022

The Annual Voluntary Interim Development Review meeting provides Lecturers Below the Bar with feedback on their progress, including identification of areas that need further attention and focus. All Lecturers Below the Bar are invited to submit a draft portfolio for a Voluntary Interim Development Review. A Development Review Group (DRG) meets annually to provide feedback to LBBs on a voluntary basis on their development to-date. The group consists of least four academics at Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor level.

Portfolios must be submitted in advance of the Voluntary Interim Development Review Meeting. The meeting of the DRG will normally be scheduled in the first semester of each academic year, and will take account of the timing of progression calls. 

The DRG will provide feedback  on the following:   

  • Evidence of emerging strength but where further attention is required. 
  • Areas where development is required.   
  • Advice and recommendations to enhance the portfolio.

The Development Review Group’s remit is purely developmental and advisory, and has no role or input into formal reviews within the university. It is the responsibility of the Lecturer Below the Bar to ensure that his/her work is advancing and developing.

How do I participate? 

If you wish to participate, the portfolio document must be completed and submitted to will be submitted to the Development Review Group (DRG).  

Please use this version  of the document for submissions.   (Please be aware that the portfolio may be subject to change prior to an actual progression call).   

Your portfolio should include the following: 

  • Research and Scholarship 
  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Service to the department, faculty, university, profession and the wider community. 

Examples of evidence are given in the “View Help” field on the document.  Evidence of both qualitative and quantitative measures should be included.  

  1. Anyone submitting should: 
  2. Be aware that the portfolio may be subject to change prior to an actual progression call.   
  3. Adhere to the word limits. 

Note that all information supporting your case should be included in the portfolio document itself.  Submissions should aim to limit/eliminate use of appendices.  SET evaluations and/or Module Satisfaction Surveys can be attached. 


This process is open to all Lecturers Below the Bar.   

Closing Date

The closing date for submission is mid December 2021.  No submissions or additional material will be accepted after the closing date.  Please note that the Development Review Group aims to meet in February 2022 and feedback will follow.   

This half day workshop is an opportunity to develop your career strategy and portfolio with support from the VPA, HODs and Head of School. It focuses on:

  • Identifying where You Want to Get to
  • Developing a Success Mindset
  • Being Strategic
  • Being Proactive
  • Developing Your Reputation and Brand
  • Gaining Confidence and Support

Further information available here.