These are some of the programmes available through HR to support your Career Development.

Career Development Workshop 

Course Overview

  • Knowing where You Want to Get to

Clarity of direction is the starting point of all successful achievement.  We’ll begin by getting clear on the outcomes you want in your life and career

  • Mindset Reset – developing a Success Mindset

Creating a success mindset that supports you in the outcomes you want to achieve

  • Being Strategic

With the support of our Guest Speaker, we’ll identify the things that you most need to do to support your career goals. Being clear on these and giving them the priority they deserve is a game changer

  • Being Proactive

We’ll look at tools and strategies to support you in best managing your time and energy to support successful achievement of the results you want

  • Developing Your Reputation and Brand

Making sure you are communicating who and what you stand for and that the right people are noticing.

  • Gaining Confidence and Support

Writing an Effective CV 

Provides basis for you to develop a strong CV for adaptation to your preferred career path. Builds strategy around career development.

Please note that break out rooms will be used during the workshop and you will be asked to share your CV in small groups as part of a Peer Review exercise.

Supporting Women in Academia

This programme is aimed at early to mid-career stage academic women at Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Research Fellow level primarily. The workshops will focus on creating a clear career vision, and the steps needed to move towards this goal. 

It is an excellent programme facilitated by Dr Maeve Lankford with inputs from UL guest speakers who share their own personal career journeys with the group. The programme also provides for one to one coaching which participants find invaluable.

This programme consists of 4 workshops and a 1.5hr one to one coaching session. 

Mentoring Supports


To find out more about any of these training opportunities see our Training Programmes and Schedule | University of Limerick or email

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