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Presenting Your Research With Impact

Course Details

Category: Researcher Skills
For Whom: Researchers
Dates: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Location: Shannon Room, Plassey House
Time: 09.15 - 13.00
Presenter: Paul Bader - Christine Brennan
Duration: Half Day

Course Overview

Join award winning broadcaster and writer Paul Bader for an inspiring talk on how to speak to any audience about your expert field. Paul is part of the Screenhouse team delivering media skills training to the Royal Society, London. He’s at home working with experts including scientists and engineers at universities and research centres across the UK and Ireland.
A graduate in genetics, Paul is passionate about making complex ideas easy to understand whether it’s for school children or a primetime TV audience.
Creative Director and Founder of award winning science TV production company Screenhouse, Paul is currently producing a series of science and entertainment films for the BBC One Show, including explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in 4 minutes using a train, a torch and some tennis balls…


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