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Professional Development
Run by:
Human Resources
For Whom:
All Staff
09.30 - 12.00
Paddy Lavelle
2 x half days

Course Overview

Do you…

  • find yourself getting anxious, nervous, stressed or even dreading having certain ‘difficult’ conversations, particularly in a virtual environment?
  • find it hard to raise a difficult subject in a way that doesn't sound negative or aggressive?
  • struggle to keep these conversations on track and get a positive resolution?
  • worry that the conversation will escalate into conflict or even deadlock?
  • tend to avoid having these conversations in the hope that things will resolve themselves?


Would you like to be able to …

  • give unexpected news, decisions or feedback, or discuss personal performance issues, in a way that sounds positive and constructive?
  • discuss difficult subjects in the same confident and relaxed way that you handle day to day conversations?
  • manage different personality styles and conversation dynamics in a way that avoids potential conflict and keeps the conversation on track?
  • handle these types of conversations in a way that maintains the relationship while getting the best result?


If you find yourself answering "yes" to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. 


"Managing Difficult Conversations Online" will provide you with the tools you need to;

  • manage the key factors that impact difficult conversations on both an online and in-person
  • prepare for and conduct challenging conversations using an easy-to-follow structured framework
  • build trust and use questions skilfully to manage the difficult stages of a difficult conversation effectively
  • prevent conflict from escalating and keep difficult conversations on track and moving forward
  • achieve "win-win" results

2 half day sessions.


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