Course Details

Professional Development
Run by:
Human Resources
For Whom:
All Staff
In Person - Location TBC
09.30 - 16.00
Paddy Lavelle
1 Day

Course Overview

This programme provides participants with an insight into the dynamics of engagement in a variety of situations, an understanding of their own personal challenges, and the tools and techniques to make a significant impact and contribution in these different settings.
The programme is designed to build participants’ skill and confidence as it moves from asserting themselves in potentially challenging one-to-one interactions to expressing themselves with confidence and impact in more complex group settings.
The training is highly interactive with opportunities to work in pairs and groups as well as time for personal reflection and individual skill practice.

Course Objectives/Outcomes

Part I - Communicating Assertively One-to-One

    • Understanding assertiveness and the challenges of asserting oneself in different situations
    • The impact of different behavioural styles in achieving success
  • Understanding the Dynamics of One-to-One Conversations
    • How to manage anxiety and create the right impact
    • Understanding and using the language of assertiveness
    • Establishing an assertive presence and projecting confidence
  • Expressing Yourself Effectively
    • Expressing feelings, opinions and desires
    • Setting boundaries
    • Disagreeing and responding to disagreement assertively
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Giving feedback to your line manager, colleagues and direct reports
    • Handling aggressive criticism

Part II - Understanding the Dynamics of Group Conversations

    • Understanding the dynamics of group conversations
    • Understanding your communication style
    • Setting personal goals- Communicating Assertively in a Group Setting
  • Increasing Your Meeting Engagement
    • Understanding potential barriers to engagement
    • Recognising personal triggers
    • Managing your state
    • Strategies to maintain resilience and personal engagement
  • Managing Your Contribution
    • Establishing your credibility
    • Building on other’s contributions
    • Presenting your case with clarity and confidence
  • Responding to the Unexpected at Meetings
    • Challenges of being asked to speak unexpectedly
    • Managing your “inner game"
    • Organising your thoughts under pressure
    • Structuring and delivering a confident response
  • Responding Assertively in More Challenging Situations
    • Staying calm under pressure
    • Accessing and being heard in dynamic conversations
    • Handling challenging questions

Trainee Requirements

All participants must be available for a pre course call in the week before the training date.


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