Title: 7 Simple Steps to Stay Safe Online: Protecting your Digital Identity

Description: As our world becomes increasingly digital, we all face more complex threats from cybercriminals and hackers online. This workshop covers ITD's Top Tips for working securely online and how you can take some very simple steps to quickly protect your personal data, digital identity & research content.

Duration: 30 minutes

This workshop will run on                     

  1. Thursday Sept. 23rd @ 10:30am (Register here)
  2. Thursday Sept. 30th @ 11:30am (Register here)
  3. Thursday Oct. 7th @ 12:30pm (Register here)
  4. Thursday Oct. 14th @ 11:30am (Register here)


Presenter: Eoghan McGrath and Anna Marie Gildea, Information Technology Division (ITD)

Download workshop materials: | Slides |

Target Audience: All UL students