'STELA Live' is funded under the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning SATLE 2020 call and builds on the new Policy on the Use of Data to Enhance Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Learning Analytics) and Student Privacy Notice at UL, and the products of the cross-campus consultation conducted as part of the STELA project. The project is led by Dr Angelica Rísquez (Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics Lead) and Sarah Gibbons[1] (Student Experience Lead, currently seconded by Clare Halpin), from the Centre for Transformative Learning. STELA Live aims to: 

(I) Complete a consultation process with UL relevant data owners and gatekeepers (Academic Registry, Data Protection Officer, Business Intelligence Unit, Quality Office, and Registrar) to scope and resource access and extraction of student success data and seek approval for use, informed through the national ORLA Data Conceptual model. Recruitment of a dedicated researcher position for the project. February-December 2021

(II) Baseline analysis of the variables that best predict performance and progression in 4 large first year selected modules (KBS, AHSS, and S&E), accessing and triangulating existing data including information in SI, learning anlatytics from the VLE and other platforms, and other variables of engagement (continuous assessment, attendance, etc). January 2021-March 2022

(III) Design of a protocol for intervention to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised, and actionable student feedback which is informed by the preceding baseline analysis and current data of engagement with learning platforms (VLE, Panopto, etc) informed from the perspective of teachers, students, and relevant support services at UL. May-August 2022

(IV) Pilot of implementation in SEM1 2022/23 and evaluation of impact.