First 7 Weeks - Providing strong, enhanced and targeted support to new students.

The First Seven Weeks is an initiative at the University of Limerick designed to provide strong, enhanced and targeted support to students during the very early weeks of their time as UL students.   Recognising that successful early adjustment is linked to subsequent success, we provide a range of information, target our resources and interact with our new students in ways that make them know we care about them and are interested in their successful adjustment. 

Have a look at this years F7W Interactive Handbook and our 7 Recommended Reads for 2022

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Great news, this year our F7W Hub will be open again.  The Hub is located in the Student Courtyard area so make sure to pop in and see us.  With the delayed start for first year students the programme will be extended to run throughout the first semester (not just 7 weeks).   Each week has its own theme, designed to focus students’ attention on various issues that we know are important for settling in and thriving as a higher education student.     

Week 1 Monday 26th September

How To Be A Student at UL - ‘Welcome, Settling in and Finding Your Way Around’

(Ask our Orange Guides)

Week 2 Monday 3rd October

How To Be A Student at UL - ‘How to Study @ UL’

(Start Strong Study Stronger)

Week 3 Monday 10th October

How To Be A Student at UL - ‘Your Academic Advisor’

(Get to Know Your Course)

Week 4 Monday 17th October

How To Be A Student at UL - ‘Health & Wellbeing’

(Fuel Your Body Fuel Your Mind)

Week 5 Monday 24th October

How To Be A Student at UL - ‘Learner Support Centres

(Develop Your Discipline Specific Skills)

Week 6 Monday 31st October

How To Be A Student At UL - ‘Skills for Academic Success’

(Building Confidence and Motivation)

Week 7 Monday 7th November

How To Be A Student At UL - ‘’

(Get Involved in YOUR UL Community)

Watch our for our student guides that will be all over campus for the first 5 weeks of semester.  These guides wear bright orange t-shirts and will be able to help you find your way around all you have to do is ask.   

IT services for students (ITD): 

You can find information on this link for the IT services available to UL students:  Student IT Services UL

Finding your way around UL

In addition to our student guides below are some useful videos to help you to find your way around and you can also use this map of the campus.

This map of the main building, details all the tower names.


This video provides you with excellent information on how to find your way around the various buildings on the University of Limerick Campus.

This video gives you a tour of the buildings and facilities available on the University of Limerick Campus.