Student support services play a crucial role in the success of students in higher education. All of our Learner Centres provide space where students feel comfortable about raising issues that may help them to study or learn more effectively and build their confidence and self-esteem. Our range of helpful learning centres are part of the UL campus and help students to tackle challenges in maths, science, IT, writing and through peer supported learning.

The Regional Writing Centre at UL supports both undergraduate and postgraduate student writers and collaborates with faculty to develop their own writing and to expand writing-based curriculum innovations that are designed to develop student writing competence.

A free and friendly place for all students to come to talk about any aspect of their writing.

The Regional Writing Centre is available to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who seek support to enhance and develop their academic writing skills. We believe that anyone can write. One-to-one peer support is one of our defining features. Our peer-tutors stand ready to talk to you about writing assignments in progress. Any aspect of writing, or the writing process, can be addressed in a session with one of our peer writing-tutors.

Writing Centre peer-tutors have proven writing abilities and have received training in peer-tutoring. As writers in high standing, peer writing-tutors make good mentors who engage in writing strategies that result in well-received written work. Our tutors attempt to help under- and post-graduate students see problems in their papers as evidence that one of the student-writer's learning or writing strategies is not working. Identifying these strategies by engaging students in conversation about their papers is how the Writing Centre tutoring process works.

The RWC also offers workshops, facilitates writers' groups and provides a space for writers who just want a quiet place to write. The RWC website provides online links to writing resources, as well as access to video recordings of our How I Write, Ireland interviews, where prolific writers talk about their own process, their strategies and how they view their particular writing situations.

The purpose of the Maths Learning Centre is to support students' mathematics learning across all programmes in UL.

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The Science Learning Centre provides support to UL students whose degree includes a science component. It provides support to students by two main routes:

  • A dedicated Drop-in Centre
  • Support tutorials for specific modules

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The ICT Learning Centre aims to support and promote active learning among the students of ICT related programmes in UL, via the use of proven learner support approaches, tutoring innovation, research and evaluation, with the goal of developing learners who are confident and effective ICT practitioners.

The Regional PSLC is a cross-institutional centre for promoting effective, learner focused Peer Supported learning systems by building on the experience and expertise in Peer Supported learning in all Shannon Consortium partner institutions, particularly that related to UL's highly successful academic enrichment programme known as Peer Supported Learning Groups (PSLG).  The Centre, which is based in the University of Limerick and located in room C2061 in the Main Building, is an initiative by the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering.

The University of Limerick welcomes and supports all 1st years in their transition to third level education. As part of this commitment, the university has established a Student Engagement and Success (SES) Unit. The SES Unit is here to support your transition into 3rd level to ensure that you get all the support you need to make your first year a success. Coming into first year of university is a transition in everyone’s life. If you, or any of your friends, begin to experience doubts or are having difficulties settling in making or positive progress in your course, the SES Unit is here to help where they can.