The Graduate Diploma/MA in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship provides high-level, scholarly, practice-based professional development for faculty to ensure competence in the areas of teaching, learning and scholarship within their professional contexts.

The programme is designed to equip academics with a range of skills, competencies, insights and capacities, which will ensure that they will bring the highest quality teaching and learning experiences to the students that they teach, while also managing and progressing their own scholarly careers.

The Graduate Diploma is taught over three semesters (August to July). On completion, participants can progress towards a Masters qualification (90 credits).

Please note that there are three possible qualifications available:

  1. Graduate Certificate: Exit after successful completion of the first semester (21 credits). August to December, Year 1.
  2. Graduate Diploma: Exit after successful completion of the first year (60 credits). August to July, Year 1.
  3. MA: After successful completion of Year 1 (with at least a 2.2) and Year 2 consisting of a research paper related to Teaching, learning and scholarship in (90 credits).

The Schedule for Autumn 2023/24 is available here.

The Schedule for Spring and Summer 2023/24 is available  here

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The checklist for Applicants to the Graduate Diploma can be found here

Programme fees AY2023/24

1. UL employees

Employees at UL have the opportunity to avail of a fee waiver provided that they are employed for the duration of the programme. To apply for a fee waiver, please complete the Further Study Application Form and forward to the Human Resources Division (Alison O’Regan).

A writers’ retreat is an integral part of the programme. Programme participants will be liable for a contribution to the cost of the writers’ retreat, which will be in the region of €600 (TL5132 ‘Feedback and Revision in Scholarly Writing’), if applicable. The contribution may (subject to available funding) be subsidised by the participants department. Therefore, the contribution should be discussed/agreed by individuals with their HoDs, so that cost centre transfers can be easily arranged.

2. Applicants not employed in UL

External applicants and UL PhD Students are liable for full tuition fees (registration fees still apply).  Further information can be found on Finance Documents | University of Limerick (

Dr. Michael Wride 
Transformative Pedagogies Lead
Course Director Graduate Diploma and MA in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Limerick, Ireland

Email: with any queries


“The programme was of immense value to me. In addition to greatly enhancing my knowledge relating to teaching, learning and scholarship, it also provided me with a wealth of practical tips that I apply regularly to each of these elements of my work.”

“I found all the modules beneficial in some way. I really enjoyed the experience, the learning, the friendships and the sense that I have a network of support for the future in UL.”

“Many of the things I learnt in the Diploma about online teaching and ensuring that students aren't overwhelmed with too many online activities and assessments (especially at this stressful time for them) has been very helpful to me.

“I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this to you, but who would have thought that all our work on blended learning would come into play so suddenly? I know I'd be finding the current situation much more difficult without having spent so much time thinking about my teaching practice over the last six months, so thanks to you and all the other module leaders for that!”