2024 AICUR Keynote Speaker:

Jack Kavanagh

Jack Kavanagh acquired a spinal cord injury in 2012 aged 20 leaving him with 15% muscle function. Choosing to see the injury as an opportunity to grow, learn and reset his view on life, in the following years Jack has challenged the limits of his situation. As a Pharmacist and Speaker, Jack builds awareness of the value of health and wellbeing as drivers for performance coupled with cultivating diverse and inclusive environments where people belong and are valued. Jack sits on the board of directors of the National Disability Authority and Center for Excellence in Universal Design. He hosts the ‘Only Human Podcast’ and is well-known for his acclaimed TEDx talk ‘Fearless Like A Child, Overcoming Adversity’ and award-winning documentaries Breaking Boundaries. He is actively engaged as an advisor to the World Health Organisation in relation to digital and assistive technologies and progressing the delivery of health outcomes for people with disabilities.

Jack loves an adventure, is a keen hand cyclist, budding sailor and can be found sit skiing down snowy mountains at speed.

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