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The UL led project will draw on the identified domains and values espoused by the new National Professional Development Framework and will align and enhance a recently developed Graduate Diploma/MA in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship in Higher Education UL programme to the needs of the three partner institutions within the Shannon Consortium.

This will make the programme future-ready providing valuable CPD opportunities for teachers in Higher Education in the Shannon Consortium (SC) and developing participants to meet the increasing challenges in HE. This project will provide structured CPD opportunities for teachers in HE across the consortium, which will have quantifiable benefits for students in all three institutions. For programme participants, this will mean access to university-tailored expertise from three institutions as well as economies of scale resulting from the introduction of a shared CPD option across the participating institutions.

Our Erasmus+ funded SHOUT4HE project aims to develop a recognition framework for effective use of technology in Higher Education (HE) teaching, design an e-platform for sharing open education practices and resources and create a set of e-resources for sharing of teaching practices. There are five university partners (Bordeaux, Cardiff, Hasselt, Limerick, Nice), in four countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, the UK), all of whom are involved in HE teacher education. Each partner is working with several local HE teachers covering a wide variety of disciplinary knowledge and pedagogical experience with the goal of recognizing, developing and sharing innovative practice with technologies. Leading one of its working packages, CTL coordinated the partners meeting in November 2019 and the ‘Sharing Open Educational Practices in Digital Learning’ national multiplier event in collaboration with National Forum and the IUA, with participation by over 50 attendees nationally.

During Autumn 2019, the CTL lead educational developer served as country expert for a research project led by the European Commission Centre for European Policy Studies, which has created a ‘digital learning readiness’ index for each member state of the EU ( The project involved an extensive research exercise of the strategies, implementation and evaluation of digital education across all Irish education sectors.

The STELA project (StudenT Evaluation and Learning Analytics), has been funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in order to take a first principles approach to student feedback on university services and learning analytics. The objective of the project is to explore the perspectives of teaching staff, students and management in order to collaboratively work towards the development of an institution wide Learning Analytics and Student Evaluation Policy. Central to this will be associated procedures for closing the feedback loop and using student learning data in ethical and useful ways, while taking advantage of recent enhancements in the University’s business intelligence provision. The project will leverage existing outputs from relevant projects at national level (the Data-Enabled Student Success Initiative - DESSI -; and the National Forum Online Resource for Learning Analytics, ORLA), and the SHEILA project at EU level, in order to organise a consultative process with all the relevant stakeholders in the institution. Data will be gathered through multiple sources and instruments (survey, focus group, meetings), and triangulated from an interpretative perspective.

The project team is comprised of:

  • Sinead O’Sullivan, Quality Office Director (project lead and Student Evaluation work package)
  • Dr. Natalie Nic an Ghaill, Quality Office, Quality Research Officer (Data Analysis work package)
  • Dr. Angelica Risquez, Centre for Transformative Learning, Learning Technologies and Learning Analytics Lead (Learning Analytics work package)
  • Sarah Gibbons, Centre for Transformative Learning, Student Engagement Lead
  • Derval Howlett, Corporate Secretary, Data Protection Officer
  • Tracey McKillen, Information and Communications Department, Educational Technology (on leave)
  • Kristofer Harte, Information and Communications Department, Educational Technology
  • Dominic Burns, Information and Communications Department, Educational Technology, Head of Business Intelligence

The first consultation event in the StELA project consisted of a three-hour open invitation workshop held on January 2020 and facilitated by Lee O’Farrell, National Coordinator of DESSI and ORLA projects in the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning1. He has worked with all institutions around Ireland, providing support as they explored how to maximise the value of their data as a resource for providing students with a successful and enjoyable experience in higher education.

1. Lee’s secondment with the National Forum finished in December 2019, but kindly agreed to facilitate our consultation event