This  SharePoint site is a resource for UL staff who are advisors under the PASS (Personal Advisor Support System).

View the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures

View the Student handbook UL

There are 5 sections to the site.

PASS Resources Map

This folder contains a map of the resources provided on the PASS Resources SharePoint site and an introduction document to the site.

PASS documentation

This folder contains the most up to date information and guidelines document about the PASS. How advisees are allocated to advisors operationally is explained. Recent evaluations conducted with staff and students.

Resources for Advisors

This folder contains resources for advisors when meeting students and/ or when seeking information for students. There is a handout for advisors outlining key information for students, both new and existing. A range of options are provided to facilitate meeting with students. There is a resource with some prompts for discussion topics and/ or sharing information in meetings with students. an internal transfer video recorded by the First Year Support Coordinator is included for information.

UL Communications to 1st Years on PASS

This folder documents the central communication to students about their advisor and PASS.

Key background & institutional information

This folder contains the information used for Faculty PASS Information Sessions as completed. It also contains some additional information about QCA’s and resources from sessions held with students. The Student Counselling Department in UL have provided a document on recognising and assisting disturbed or disturbing students for staff.

There is a research piece included from the UK WhatWorks1 project which documents evidence behind the impact of advisor systems on undergraduate retention.