UDL Resources

  • UDL Plus One approach (video): Dr Tom Tobin discusses how you can use the Plus One approach when implementing UDL.
  • UDL Progression Rubric This self-grading progression rubric by CAST gives examples of how UDL can be implemented.
  • Get your UDL score: AHEAD have devised a quick tool which gets you to look at CAST’s UDL principles and guidelines in the context of your own practice and ask – which of these principles am I already unknowingly adhering to in my work?
  • UDL in course design: The useful website by CAST shows how to plan and design for the variability present in today's postsecondary classrooms.
  • UDL Media and content creation: CAST's resources on how and why to use different media to increase the responsiveness of learning environments
  • Think UDL: a podcast about Universal Design for Learning interviewing who are designing and implementing strategies in post-secondary settings with learner variability in mind.
  • The Accessible Learning Experience: CASTS's podcast with interviews with leaders whose work focuses on turning learning barriers into learning opportunities. 
  • UDL in 15 minutes: Short podcasts about how UDL has been implemented.
  • UDL Research in 15 minutes: Podcast interviewing people who research UDL.


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