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Student Evaluation and Learning Analytics

The use of, and discussions about learning analytics has become increasingly prevalent in higher education. Learning analytics involves the collection of educational data, such as grades, survey responses, or number of accesses to online resources from various learning environments to better inform how students learn and engage in their course or programme. At UL, the issue of survey fatigue has been raised at a number of fora within the University over the past number of years. The Student Evaluation and Learning Analytics (StELA) project will look at why we ask students for feedback, the most effective methods to use and how we can best use the feedback provided by students. As students interact with the virtual learning environments and other university systems, what insights can we draw from this existing data? Can the insights from multiple feedback mechanisms be triangulated to provide reliable information that can be acted upon? 



The StELA project has 4 main goals ;

  • to encourage student engagement,
  • build credibility with staff in our student evaluation mechanisms,
  • explore how existing datasets can be used to provide feedback on the student experience and
  • co-create policy on the use of data and on student evaluation.

Through survey, focus groups and interview, we will explore staff and student attitudes to the use of educational data and how the use of existing datasets can be used to enhance student learning, enhance services provided by the University and ultimately close the feedback loop.

Project Phases and Timelines       Research Privacy Notice
Launch workshop January 23rd, 2020 Read the report    
Staff Survey Opens Tuesday 27th  October to Monday November 6th 2020  Take the survey    
Staff focus groups December 1 (am),7th,8th (am), 10th, 2020 Sign up for  a focus group Focus groups will take place on line and will be one hour in duration Information
Student focus groups 18th-19th November, 23-24 November 2020 Focus groups will take place on line and will be one hour in duration Information




The StELA project is funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning under the Strategic Alignment Teaching and Learning Enhacement (SATLE) fund.