Module Satisfaction Survey (MSS)

The Module Satisfaction Survey (MSS) for 2020/21, semester 1 was run on Sulis over weeks 9 to 11. More than 15,000 students registered on over 1,220 modules were invited to participate. 5,682 students gave feedback on 92% of modules. A summary of the response rates is given in the table below. The full summary report is available here.

MSS overview 2021
  Sample Size Responses Response Rate
Official SI students registered 15,223 5,682 37%
Official SI module registrations 66,171 24,005 36%
Number of Modules 1,223 1,126 92%


The module satisfaction survey (MSS) represents one of the University’s cornerstone quality assurance processes. Coordinated by the Quality Support Unit, it runs in alternating semesters with the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s student evaluation of teaching (SET) process. The MSS is normally undertaken over teaching weeks 5 and 6 and encompasses all students registered on all modules undertaken during that semester. It is designed to be a barometer of students' levels of satisfaction with individual modules, and the results provide lecturers and heads of department with student feedback while the module is ongoing.