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UL's Centre for Transformative Learning provides a structured approach to getting feedback from students about individual approaches to teaching. This process is voluntary and confidential, and is designed to provide useful information to individual lectures on their students' experiences of the modules they teach.

It is important to note that all class evaluations are carried out online and take place between Week 4 and Week 10. This is to ensure that you receive timely feedback which provides you with the opportunity to implement changes in your class should you wish to do so before the end of semester.

Spring 2015 saw a move to a SharePoint based system for SET. This new system allows you to access your Response Report as soon as your SET request is open. You will be copied on the email sent to your students and reminded one week into your survey to check your responses and encourage students. Please note if your students do not use their UL email address you will need to forward this email to the email address they do access (this is not a service CTL can provide).

SET remains confidential at no point can you access details of who has responded to your survey.

Download the SET FAQs here.

Application facility for SET is now closed and will open again in the Spring Semester. 

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