The curriculum at UL is a programme-focused, holistic, coherent and intentional living framework to guide learning. It maps context, learning goals, content, assessment and pedagogy, and is based on national and international standards. It is dynamic, co-constructed, enacted, responsive and responsible.

The purpose of UL’s Integrated Curriculum Development Framework is to:

  1. Establish a shared understanding of the curriculum, which reflects the institutional strategy, including the learning, teaching and assessment strategy
  2. Provide guidance for programme developers on planning, designing, assessing and evaluating programmes

  3. Align and connect with processes for programme design, approval and review to support the creation of a coherent curriculum and to ensure consistent programme development across the institution

  4. Provide a foundation for a positive and coherent student experience and involvement in the curriculum

  5. Articulate the distinctiveness of the University’s graduates and the distinctiveness of a UL education

UL's Integrated Curriculum Development Framework

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