Overview of UL Pensions Schemes  

UL employees are members of a UL Superannuation Scheme according to when they joined the Public Service and their PRSI class. In general, employees who were appointed to pensionable posts within the public service before 1 January 2013 will be members of the pre-existing schemes.

All new University of Limerick employees, who are commencing in the Irish Public Service for the first time, are members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme.

Below is an overview of the scheme in operation, including dates applicable. 

Group Date of joining Public Sector


Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklet (.pdf)


Pension Integrated with State Pension


Minimum Early Retirement Pension Age  

Compulsory / Normal Retirement Age  

Minimum Cost Neutral Early Retirement Age  


Pre 06-Apr-1995 i.e. Modified/ Class D PRSI  

Superannuation Scheme 1982 (Scheme 1)  


Pensions Booklet for Members Paying Modified (Class D) PRSI  






06-Apr 1995 – 31-Mar-2004  

i.e. Full / Class A PRSI  

Co-ordinated Pension Scheme (Scheme 6)  


Pensions Booklet for Class A PRSI Members - Employed in Pensionable Public Sector Post Prior to 1st April 2004   






01-Apr-2004-31-Dec-2012 i.e. new Entrants as per 2004 Act   

 The UL Model Pension Scheme (Scheme 7)  


Pensions Booklet for Class A PRSI Members - Employed in Pensionable Public Sector Post on or after 1st April 2004  






On or after 01-Jan-2013  


The Single Public Service Pension Scheme (Scheme 13)  

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme Booklet  





  Pensions Self Service 

Members can check their pension scheme by logging onto their online pensions self service via Core Portal Employee Self Service and proceeding to the Core Portal Pensions Calculator. The calculator contains a field, which confirms the pensions scheme you are a member of. Should you have any issues in accessing or using the Core Portal system, please email coreportal.contact@ul.ie for assistance.  

You can also view and amend many of your personal details, including dependant and next of kin details and generate estimate benefit scenarios and purchase options to model your future pension entitlements.  

Associated Benefit Schemes  

As a member of a UL pension scheme, you are entitled to join the UL Income Continuance Plan (ICP) and Additional Life Cover (ALC) schemes. These schemes are negotiated to offer UL employees a preferential rate based on a group scheme basis. 

The UL ICP scheme is an auto-enrolled scheme and is compulsory as per the terms of your employment contract. All new joiners to UL will automatically be entered into this scheme and will not be subject to underwriting criteria. Any members who were not automatically enrolled into this scheme can apply for membership and will be required to complete an application form, which will be subject to underwriting by the insurer.  

The ALC scheme is a voluntary scheme. Should you wish to apply for cover under this scheme, you must complete an application form, which will be subject to underwriting by the insurer. 

Further information on these schemes, including application forms can be found here.  

Pensions Seminars 

The UL Pensions Office arranges several pensions seminars each year including seminars for Overview of UL Pensions Schemes, AVC’s, Mid-Career Financial Planning and Retirement Planning courses.  These sessions will be advertised via HR Notices and staff can book a place to attend.

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