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Income Continuance Plan & Additional Life Cover

Income Continuance Plan

The University of Limerick's Income Continuance Plan (ICP) provides financial security to members in the event of long-term absence from work due to long-term illness. ICP seeks to ensure that between Ill-Health Retirement Pension, any Social Welfare Disability Benefits and the University of Limerick Plan, members of the plan will receive a gross income of 75% of their pre-disability salary, should they suffer from a long term illness.

With effect from 1st April 2020, the UL Income Continuance Plan has moved from the previous provider to Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. Utmost PanEurope has been appointed as the Insurer for the plan. Further information on the UL ICP scheme can be found here - ICP Information Booklet

If you would like to join the University of Limerick Income Continuance Plan, please complete the ICP Application Form and return it to Pensions Section, Human Resources Division, University of Limerick.

To Access the ICP Claim form please click here. For further information on our ICP claims process, please view the Powerpoint presentation.

Additional Life Cover

The University of Limerick's Life Cover Plan is designed to ease financial burdens at a difficult time, by providing a benefit to a member's dependents in the unfortunate event of their death, up to the value of 2.5 times their annual salary. This benefit is in addition to your cover as a member of the University of Limerick Superannuation Scheme/ Single Public Service Pension Scheme.

The premium rate is negotiated on a special “group basis” for employees of UL. The contribution rate with effect from 01 May 2015 is set at 0.53% of gross salary. Further information on the UL Additional Life Cover Plan scheme can be found here - ALC Information Booklet.

How to Join the Plan?

All applicants can complete the ALC Standard Application Form.

Cornmarket presented a number of Additional Live Cover and Money Matters Information Sessions on campus. The presentation material can be found here - ALC & Money Matters Presentation