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Leadership and Management Development

The Human Resources Division continuously offers a range of Leadership Development Programmes including

  • Executive Team Leadership Development;
  • Academic and Research Leadership Development;
  • Leadership Development Programme for Support Managers; and
  • Introduction to Management.

Please note that participation in these programmes is by nomination by your Dean or Head of Division.

This is a modular programme specifically designed for the Higher Education Sector.  The programme covers areas such as Leading Strategic Change in a HE Context; Understanding Personal and Collective Team Leadership Styles; Strategic Planning; 360 Degree Feedback; an institutiuonal project; and 1-1 coaching.  The aims of the Academic Leadership programme are to provide participants with:

  • An enhanced understanding of the leadership skills required to be an effective senior academic leader in a higher education institution.
  • A heightened sense of self-awareness about their own leadership, communication and decision-making style, through the use of a number of diagnostic questionnaires, including the use of 360-degree feedback process.
  • An increased capacity to assess the strategic issues facing higher education institutions and the University of Limerick.
  • A wider appreciation of the strategic planning and financial skills required to manage in an increasingly business-orientated approach to the delivery of higher education.
  • Greater awareness of good practice in people management.
  • An increased understanding of the experience and skills of other senior colleagues and development of practical steps to help lead major change projects.

This programme builds skills in the three key areas of ‘Best Practice Senior Management Competencies – Lead, Manage and Coach’ – and is based on the philosophy that it will unlock the potential within individuals and teams, through a range of models, tools and techniques in a way that brings lasting change for individuals and sustained benefit for their teams and the University overall.   The upcoming Leadership Development Programme is a real opportunity to grow and develop your skillsets in a number of ways! 

Participants will get input from a variety of sources including a 360 degree feedback exercise, Myers Briggs Psychometric evaluation and a number of 1:1 coaching sessions to support and challenge your learning. For further information please contact - Ext 3074.  Please see this year's outline for further information:  Outline of Leadership Programme for Support Managers Programme

Management Essentials has been designed to support you on your journey as a people manager; helping you develop a complete set of management skills and capabilities. Managers in the University of Limerick need to be able to manage on-going changes successfully and with confidence. With core, elective and mandatory elements leading to a digital badge, this programme ensures that you will develop a comprehensive management toolkit, enabling your success as a Manager in the University of Limerick. Through group discussions, team exercises and personal reflections you will identify actions to ensure what you learn is applied in the workplace.

Facilitated by skilled professionals with an in-depth knowledge and experience of what it takes for front line managers to succeed in the workplace, this programme will provoke thought and action with immediate results.  The objectives of this programme include:

  • Understand the role of management within the university and how a manager can add greatest value.
  • Learn about proven management tools and practices and how best to apply them to your department or function.
  • Develop personal understanding and self-awareness regarding what motivates you and how you relate to your team.
  • Identify and develop new behaviours to improve performance and contribution in your team.
  • Identify effective communication approaches when providing constructive feedback and use your skills to maintain and enhance employee motivation.
  • Understand how to manage difficult work conversations and situations.

For further information, please see the Management Essentials Brochure