Launch of UDL at UL community of practice

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About this event

On Thursday 25th November, UL celebrated the launch of UDL at UL, a community of practice to enhance and promote Universal Design for Learning across the campus. This event was funded by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning VIT&L fund.

To celebrate the launch, Dr Sean Bracken, University of Worcester, spoke about Developing UDL Professional Learning Communities to Enhance Cross Campus Inclusion. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles for curriculum development that gives all individuals equal opportunities to learn and to demonstrate what they have learned. The principles are based on the premise that students learn differently and that to successfully teach for all students, we have to introduce greater flexibility in teaching and learning practice. To support staff in the integration of UDL into their practice and to ensure a more inclusive learning environment for all, the UDL at UL Community of Practice aims is to provide a space for teachers interested in inclusive learning methods of learning and teaching to share ideas and practices, generate research in the area of UDL, and create resources to assist with learning, teaching and assessment.

The UDL at UL Community of Practice is a great place to start to learn more about UDL, or to share UDL practices. More information about UDL at UL is available at the UDL CoP homepage.