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Authentic Programme Assessment – applying the EAT framework to ensure holistic approach

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Time: 10:00 to 15:30

Authentic Programme Assessment – applying the EAT framework to ensure holistic approach
Prof Carol Evans, Professor in Higher Education, University of Southampton
31st January, University of Limerick
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To further the national discussion on programme assessment, the ‘Evans Assessment Tool’ (EAT) demonstrates a research-informed integrated and holistic approach to assessment and feedback practices. It focuses on three key dimensions of assessment: Assessment Literacy, Assessment Feedback and Assessment Design, which will be explored in terms of applicability to participants’ approach to assessment at programme level. The key principles to be considered by programme leaders and teams will be examined in terms of how these apply to current programme assessment practice with a view to identifying opportunities for further development. Through discussion and case study analysis, participants will develop ideas on clarifying the mysteries surrounding assessment and feedback from different perspectives– that of the student, the teacher and the programme leader - using the 12 teacher-focused areas as a focal point. The workshop should result in ensuring clarity on expectations around assessment and how best to plan and engage with these.
Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore the EAT framework with a particular focus on its applicability to programme assessment and increasing authenticity of same
  2. Examine the various stakeholders in assessment through the lens of EAT framework and how these views are considered in the design of assessment at programme level
  3. Applying the EAT principles to programme assessment which will result in a clarification of expectations around assessment and feedback for all parties

This is the first of two linked seminars on assessment, jointly coordinated by Trinity College Dublin and University of Limerick and led by Prof Carol Evans. UL is leading this seminar, whilst TCD is leading seminar 2 on developing meaningful, focused assessments. Whilst attendance at both seminars is recommended, the seminars are designed to be stand-alone.