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Sharing Open Educational Practices using Technology for HE - SHOUT4HE

This Erasmus+ funded SHOUT4HE project aims to develop a recognition framework for effective use of technology in Higher Education (HE) teaching, design an e-platform for sharing open education practices and resources and create a set of e-resources for sharing of teaching practices. There are five university partners (Bordeaux, Cardiff, Hasselt, Limerick, Nice), in four countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, the UK), all of whom are involved in HE teacher education. Each partner is working with several local HE teachers covering a wide variety of disciplinary knowledge and pedagogical experience with the goal of recognizing, developing and sharing innovative practice with technologies. Leading one of its working packages, CTL coordinated the ‘Sharing Open Educational Practices in Digital Learning’ national multiplier event in collaboration with National Forum and the IUA, with participation by over 50 attendees nationally. Outputs are currently being curated in the e-platform of the project

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