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Turnitin (Sulis Assignments)

Turnitin is a comprehensive tool used to check the originality of students' submissions, grading and feedback. It allows teachers to build databanks of frequently provided feedback, audio feedback, and much more in Turnitin Feedback Studio. Turnitin is integrated with the VLE and available through the Sulis Assignments tool. The instructor clicks ‘Use Turnitin’ at assignment setup and all student submissions are sent to Turnitin for originality checking and/or grading and feedback.

UL Webinars/documentation:

Turnitin webinar

Turnitin Feedback Studio

Recommendations for Faculty using Turnitin

Other Documentation:

Training videos in

A very useful interactive tutorial on the grading features in Turnitin

Turnitin Support (handbooks, interactive tutorials and videos)
Turnitin Resources (webinars, research and case studies)

Technical note: There are typically a number of spurious errors that arise when originality reports are submitted with incorrect criteria and they show up as errors because a report is not generated. These include:
1. incorrect file type. We are recommending that submission type be Word or PDF.
2. Special characters in the title. The submission title must not contain special characters. 
3. Submissions do not contain 20 words or more. This will occur typically if submissions are photographed or scanned and then submitted.
4. Password protected files are not accepted.
5. Guest accounts are not correctly setup, for example may have a blank name field or other essential field.